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Film Direction

Gil directed the feature motion pictures "Connecting Flights, Cor Values, No Apology, Cat's Cradle, Winter Kill, HALO, Unfinished Business, Green Eyes and The Zombie Apocolypse in Apartment 14F” and Gil’s films have been distributed to audiences worldwide.


As a storyteller Gil has always maintained a single focus - the audience. Whether it is for the stage, screen or television, for him, it is all about "the story", the message. Gil has always tried to appeal to a broad audience even when dealing with a story aimed at a very specific demographic group. His stories have a "truth" about life and reflect a theme about the human condition. 



Independent film-making has its trials. Low budgets, adverse working conditions and high pressure situations. Unlike "Hollywood Studio" pictures "Indie" movies do not have the luxuries that money can buy. "Indie" movie makers must rely on their ingenuity, creativity and their ability to improvise. The "cult-like" genre of the "Indie" movie has brought innovation to the mainstream "Hollywood" studio picture because of its uniqueness and originality. One of the most prolific filmmakers in the province, Gil's films have a far greater production value than the actual budget would allow. 

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