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Connecting Flights

Gordon Devereaux has a secret. One he has never shared with his lovely wife of 52 years. A secret he never knew himself until now. Gordon has a son named Donald, and Donald has a daughter named Claire. Claire’s son, Gordie, is ten. Will the four generations meet and will the family reconnect?


It was England in 1944. The Blitz was on. Wendy Barlow fell hard for an RCAF fighter Bomber pilot named Gordon Devereaux. The dashing Mosquito pilot never knew he had a child with young Wendy.  Gordon had been shipped to the War in the Pacific and neither of the young lovers ever communicated again. Wendy kept her secret until her death in 2008.  Upon Wendy’s passing, an organization called Connexion Closure found Gordon alive and well in Canada and now Mrs. Claire Summers will meet her grandfather in person. Her 10 yr old son will meet his great-grandfather. Gordon has no idea he has three generations of offspring.  If the secret is revealed, what will be the outcome? If the son faces the father will there be acceptance or rejection? Either way, there's going to be some Connecting Flights.

Cor Values


Cormac Dandridge returns from the big city to his small town home to settle his late father's estate. He is shocked to learn the sleepy village is in an uproar. The town wants an interstate on the outskirts but the inhabitants of the First Nations Reserve will not give up their sacred land. Cor rekindles an old flame and discovers an exciting new one as well. A romantic triangle has no place when your life depends on solving multiple homicides and exposing the corruption that started it all. Cormac soon learns that there is more than meets the eye when he and his two loves go head to head with a legion of evil doers no one believes even exist.

No Apology

A group of women struggle to deal with the suicide of their best friend, but when dark secrets start unraveling, the suicide begins to look more and more like murder. Their quiet, isolated retreat turns into a psychological octagon and the emotional bloodletting threatens their survival.

Like a gift from heaven, Samuel, a neighbor turned grief counsellor, befriends the five woman and aids them through the mourning process. In an almost “Unearthly” manner, Samuel manipulates the women on a spiritual, emotional, physical and psychological level that causes the women to turn on each other like rabid cats. None are safe in this arena of survival. Like forbidden fruit, they just can’t leave this succulent alone. Even if it kills them. Is Samuel the Angel of Death or The Demon of Love?

Detective Lancaster is a man on a mission. A suicide that doesn’t add up and a clique of women with more secrets than the Egyptian burial mounds has his “spidey senses tingling”. Hell bent on discovering the truth in this sapphic lair of mind mazes, intrigue and conspiracy, Lancaster faces an enemy as cunning as a panther and just as dangerous.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…. Or lied to or, belittled or, conned or generally annoyed and you can be sure she will get payback and there will be, NO APOLOGY


 Scrappers revolves around the trials, tribulations and hilarity of the family and eccentric crew who run the Wrench ‘N’ Yank pick-and-pull auto parts yard. When war veteran Terry Banks returns home with PTSD, deserted by his wife and kids and confined to a wheelchair, his father George Banks desperately needs to come up with a plan to get him vertical again, and moving on with his life. It hardly helps, of course, that tax auditor and determined “revenuer” Gabrielle Sole shows up to do an audit right then and there. Meanwhile, beautiful but brainy tow truck driver Shelby Ford, George’s goddaughter, makes a rare discovery that may prove the key to salvaging their lives.

Cat's Cradle

A young pop-star finds emancipation, romance and the meaning of her life when she casts off the bindings of her repressive record company managers. 


Justin Harp is a man on a mission. He must rescue his sister from the clutches of a drug dealing pimp who runs a stripper bar. HALO examines life in the underbelly of society's club scene and takes the viewer inside a world of crime, sin and danger.

Where The Dinosaurs Roam

Two young pre-teens learn the meaning of friendship, bonding and love in a magical night when they stow-away in the world famous Tyrell Museum. Young Wendy has a fatal medical condition and her best buddy, Kip, steals her away in the hope that there is healing power amongst the bones of the ancients. 

Unfinished Business

Unsettled spirits. A ghostly secret. The past returns to haunt the college students of today.

Green Eyes

A "who-dunnit" thriller that examines the relationships between college students with conflicting views. Murder? Suicide? Revenge?

Winter Kill

After winning a major Cheerleading Competition a bus load of high school students finds themselves broken down in a frozen, isolated area in the middle of the night. Rescued by a warm hearted rural family their luck seems to improve until they discover their saviors are cannibals that will hunt them for sport. Who will survive this game of death?

The Zombie Apocalypse
in Apartment 14F
John, 316

A psychiatric hospital is turned upside down when a mysterious drifter is admitted and assigned to Room 316. Known only as John Doe, the other patients believe that he bears an uncanny resemblance to Jesus Christ. When he starts performing 'miracles', they begin to follow him as his disciples. This causes tension with the hospital administrators who are loathe to admit the patients are actually improving under John's guidance. They set out to expose him, leading to one final miracle that will change all their lives forever.

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